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January, 2004
The Olympus E-20 was my primary camera from November of 2001 to August of 2003. It serve me well for weddings and small product studio work, but as the technology improved and the costs came down I was unwilling to live with the limitations of a non-interchangeable lens SLR.

When Olympus made the very first announcements for the E-1 I was elated. I had great expectations for the camera and truly planned to stay on the Olympus platform. But as the months dragged on and the specifications and costs came out, it became clear that it was time to move on. Today, my primary cameras are a pair of Canon 10D bodies fitted with an array of Canon and Sigma lenses. Please don't bother sending me Email about why you think the E-1 is great and I should have made a different choice. That's history - I have been absolutely delighted with my Canon gear and no longer own or use any Olympus equipment. Whatever choice you make, I hope you are as happy about it in six months as I am.

Anyway, The information here is still valid and I'm still amazed at how many people "find" my site every week. So I plan to leave my E-20 pages here for a few more months, then move them to an archival area when I overhaul my web site (hopefully some time this spring).

Best regards, Dave

Alien Bees Studio Lights
Updated June 18, 2002

Alien Bees B800 Studio light with umbrella

Looking for studio lights that are compact, light weight, fast, powerful and don't cost a fortune?

You might want to give Alien Bees some very serious consideration.

E-20 Manual in .pdf form
December 11, 2001

Thinking of getting an E-20 and want to look through the manual? Already own an E-20 and and just want an electronic copy of the manual?

Hope you've got a fast connection or a lot of patience. Here is the Olympus E-20 manual in .pdf form. The actual file size is about 9.1 MB. With download overhead you're looking at over 10MB.

Down load E-20 Manual

Olympus FL-CB05 TTL Flash Cable
December 10, 2001


Olympus has come out with a TTL flash cable to move the FL-40 off the E-10, E-20 or C2500L.

So now when your favorite family member asks you what little but useful thing you want for Christmas . . . .

New Orleans and nearby Plantations
November 11, 2001


After the Baton Rouge Marathon my youngest daughter and I did some sightseeing. Here are some sample images from New Orleans and two nearby plantations.

Read out the E-10 or E-20 Firmware Version
November 1, 2001
What firmware version do you have anyway? Okay, so there you are, standing at the counter of your local professional photography shop, or perhaps your local electronic discounter. You want to buy the E-10 or E-20, but you just gotta know if it has the latest firmware. Of course if you're at a discount place, the high school student behind the counter is clueless. No problem, here's what to do . . .

Compare E-10 and E-20 Images
October 30, 2001
Here is a set of images shot with both the E-10 and E-20 that specifically stress blue channel noise and invite chromatic aberrations.

Shot with the E-10

Shot with the E-20


Links to more Olympus E-20 sites and samples
Updated Dec 15, 2001

The best, and most E-20 sample images are at . . . . .

James Gifford's Olympus Digital Photo Pages

Phil Askey's Oct 29, 2001 E-20P product review

Steve Sanders' Oct 15, 2001 E-20N product PREVIEW

Steve Sanders' Sept 20, 2001 E-20 product announcement

Phil Askey's Sept 20, 2001 E-20 product announcement

Olympus Europe - Official E-20P site

Olympus American - Official E-20N site

Olympus Japan - Sample photos from a beta E-20
There are many sample albums at this URL, you'll need to select the E-20 album.

A huge compendium of digital photography links


Shopping for an E-20 or Olympus Accessories?
Updated October 6, 2001

Just like clockwork, as soon as the fine folks at Norman Camera knew when their shipment of cameras would arrive, I got an Email. Just like last year (almost to the day) when they got some of the very first E-10s to arrive in the United States, they are among the first dealers to receive product in 2001. And we're not talking a token few cameras either but a big shipment to cover their long waiting list of loyal customers. It's so nice to work with people who actually do what they say they will do. Looking for an E-20 of your own?

Go to Norman Camera web page Check out Norman Camera