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  The Olympus FL-CB05 cord helps gets the FL-40 off your E-10 or E-20.

Dec 10, 2001

Olympus has FINALLY come out with a cord to move the FL-40 off the E-10 and E-20. It is the FL-CB05 Shoe Mount TTL Flash Cable.

Until now, the only way to move the FL-40 off the camera was with the Canon Shoe Cord 2. The Canon cord worked great, but you had to file off a little plastic from the front of the plug (the male end of the cord) if you wanted to use the pop-up flash along with a remote FL-40. Since the Olympus cord is built specifically for Olympus products, it works perfectly with no modifications required.


Priced at about $60, the FL-CB05 is right on par with the Canon cord. The advantages are a smaller camera end (the male) hot shoe housing and slightly longer cord.


The female end of the cord is perfectly suited for use with the Stroboframe Quick Flip 350. It has both a 1/4 X 20 thread (in the bottom of the shoe mount) and a thumb wheel to lock the shoe to other adapters and brackets.


As I've mentined on previous pages, the Stroboframe Quick Flip 350 is a wonderful companion the the E-10 / 20 and FL-40. It allows you to keep the flash directly above the center of the lens for either horizontal . . .


... or vertical shots. I attached the FL-CB05 to the Stroboframe, just above the foam grip, with a tie-wrap to keep it from flopping around.


And as noted above, there is no interferrence with the pop up flash.

Kelly at Norman Camera came through for me again. She knew I was waiting for for Olympus to come out with their version of the Canon cord so she sent one down to me as soon as their shipment came in. I'm going to put it back in the box and let my wife give it to me as a stocking stuffer this Christmas!

I have sample shots with the FL-40 on the Stroboframe Quick Flip on the page with my original set-up (before there was even a Canon Cord). There is no difference in the lighting qualities, it's just a whole lot easier to use the Olympus cord.