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On this site you will find information about the Olympus E-10, FL-40 flash, E-10 accessories and some sample images.

January, 2004
The Olympus E-10 was my primary camera from November of 2000 to November of 2001 (when I purchased my E-20). For another year, it continued to serve me well as a back up and 2nd camera for weddings and small product studio work. But as the technology improved and the costs came down I was unwilling to live with the limitations of a non-interchangeable lens SLR.

I had great expectations for the E-1 and planned to stay on an Olympus platform. But as the months dragged on and the specifications and costs came out, it became clear that it was time to move on. Today, my primary cameras are a pair of Canon 10D bodies fitted with an array of Canon and Sigma lenses. I no longer own or use any Olympus equipment.

The information here is still valid and I'm still amazed at how many people "find" my site every week. So I plan to leave this information here for a few more months, then move it to an archival area when I overhaul my web site (hopefully some time this spring).

Best regards, Dave

TCON-14B 1.45X Telephoto
April 8, 2002

Olympus TCON-14B Telephoto Lens


Now that I have one, I wish I'd gotten it a long time ago. This lens is great for head shots in the studio - it allows nice tight head and shoulder shots while working 8 to 10 feet from the subject.

Disable the FL-40 Pre Flash
Sept 16 , 2001

How to disable the FL-40 pre flash


Are closed eyes a problem every now and then? Did you ever just want to make the FL-40 behave like a plain old automatic flash - the heck with the TTL flash metering? It's easy.

E-10 Depth of Field Charts
April 13, 2001


Looking for some sort of depth of field guide for the E-10? Your in luck. thanks to the work and generosity of another E-10 user, I just happen to have information to share.

Macro Lighting with the FL-40 Flash
April 6, 2001


Having problems getting good lighting for your macro shots? Especially with your MCON35?

Here is a lighting technique designed to take advantage of the power and flexibility of the E-10 and FL-40 through the lens (TTL) flash metering system. It will let you create reduced shadow lighting for almost anything from just a few inches to two feet away with just one light source.

Ryuuji Yoshimoto's EXIF Reader
March 31, 2001


If you want to see all of the vital statistics the E-10 records on every image you capture, you may want to take a look at Ryuuji Yoshimoto's EXIF Reader. Version 2.2 of this very compact shareware utility recognizes Olympus E-10 files and decodes all the information for you.

The TCON 300 goes to Stars on Ice
March 10, 2001

I recently had the chance to test the TCON 300 and E-10 under demanding conditions. Hand held, available light only and 1/100th of a second. In this situation, luck counted as much as skill.

Can't seem to manually focus your E-10?
Updated March 11, 2001

I'm sure this is rare, but if you just can't seem to get a sharp image when you manually focus your E-10, there may well be a reason OTHER than your eyes or the diopter setting.

The Olympus RM-CB1 Cable Release
March 1, 2001

Don't have a cable release for your E-10 yet? Wondering why this is so much better than just using the IR remote? I'll be happy to tell you.

A look INSIDE the Olympus E-10
February 21, 2001
This is no ordinary E-10 Gallery
Children don't try this at home!

Fearless Hungarian, Gallo Laszlo, wanted to know what the inside of his camera looked like - so decided to find out! He posted about 30 pictures of the E-10 that you just won't see any place else. In case you're wondering, the camera worked perfectly after being reassembled. WOW!

The book that you wish came with the camera...
February 21, 2001

Does the Olympus manual leave you with as many questions as answers? Want something that's written in a very clear and usable style? Dennis Curtin's "A short Course in Olympus Camedia E-10 Photography" may be your salvation. Find out more!

MCON-35 Macro Extension Lens
February 18, 2001

If you photograph insects, flowers, coins or other small subjects, the MCON-35 Macro Extension can help you fill the frame. Take a look!

Color Temperature
January 31, 2001
The Olympus E-10 has 7 pre-programmed white balance settings, automatic white balance, and measured white balance. After doing a bit of research, I was able to construct a chart that helps illustrate the pre-programmed settings relationship to common light sources. It is important to note that after looking at about a dozen descriptions of the photographic color spectrum and color temperatures, differences of a few hundred degrees for the same light source are common.

In the chart below, the Olympus E-10 pre-programmed white balance points are highlighted in yellow along with the notations is from page 102 of the instruction manual.
Typical Sources and Comments
1000 Matches, candles, oil lamps - yellow orange flame
2000 Very early sunrise; low effect tungsten lamps
2200 - 2500 Household light bulbs
3000  Select to shoot under incandescent light.
3200 - 3400 Studio lights, photo floods
3700 Select to shoot under incandescent light to preserve the mood of the lighting.
4000 Select to shoot under white fluorescent lighting.
4500 Select to shoot in daylight with white fluorescent lighting.
5000 - 5200 Typical daylight; electronic flash
Select to shoot outdoors on a clear sunny day, to shoot sunsets in red or to shoot fireworks displays.
6000 Bright sunshine with clear sky
6500 Select to shoot outdoors on a cloudy day.
This is also the Olympus recommended preset white balance for electronic flash (page 99).
7000 Slightly overcast sky
7500 Select to shoot outdoors in the shadows on a clear day. 
8000 Hazy sky
9000 Open shade on clear day
10,000 Heavily overcast sky
11,000 Sunless blue skies
20,000+ Open shade at upper elevations on a very clear day

 Here is a link to an excellent web page on color temperature and color correction. Even though it is written for film based photography, all the light theory still applies.

Updated with samples January 21, 2001

A close up look at the TCON-300S 3X telephoto extension.
E-10 Power Consumption by Mode
Updated January 1, 2001

Mode or condition Current in mA
 Sleep mode current not available from external power source. N / A
Camera on, waiting for user, not in sleep mode 220
The moment of focus - duration less than 250 mS 1,100 to 1,450
For about 10 seconds after focusing or after an exposure, the current holds at: 420
LCD menu display on 380
LCD live display view finder 620
Live view and focus 1,700 max
LCD image play back 400
Internal flash recharge 1,400 typical 
 LCD on and first flash charge - when the internal flash is first popped up. 1,800

These measurements were taken using the external power pack described below. The voltage during the observations varied between 6.5 and 6.6 depending on the load.
FL-40 with LumiQuest Pocket Bouncer
November 20, 2000

FL-40, on the camera, in TTL mode with manual camera settings using the LumiQuest Promax pocket bouncer.
Sample Images
Updated February 17, 2001
4 Second Exposure - go to night shots

Many sets of sample images, including mixed light, daylight, flash, night shots, and accessory lenses, illustrate the power and flexibility of the E-10.

Links to more Olympus E-10 sites and samples
Updated April 8, 2001

My officially recommended site for E-10 sample images is Belgium Digital with more images and more lens combinations than you'll find any place else.

Phil Askey's January 16, 2001 Full Review of a Production E-10

Steve's DigiCams - Steve Sander's review and samples

Imaging Resource - David Etchell's October 17th preview and samples

The Jeff Keller's E-10 review on dcresource.com

The English language digitalkamera.de E-10 review

Digital Photography Review - Phil Askey"s First Look with a few samples

Belgium Digital - with lots of samples

From Germany, Stefan Hendricks' E-10 Page - Deutsch or the English Translation

Bron's E-10 site - samples, tips and links for E-10 users.

digicam views
An excellent source of concise information in an "at-a-glance" format. Very cool user interface.

Official Olympus USA E-10 page

Official Olympus Europe Digital Imaging site (My favorite Olympus site)

Official Olympus Japan site

Excellent Olympus White Paper on the E-10 in PDF format. From the Olympus site, or a local copy.
File size 950K - Material is Copyright 2000 Olympus America Inc.

Joe Apice's E-10 Page has some E-10 basics, and helpful tips & tricks.

Jason Busch's E-10CLUB - Short reviews of E-10 related products, survey of E-10 owners, and other helpful stuff.

Yujiro Otsuki's Digital Dream - has some excellent work with the E-10.

Simon Harris' UK based E-10 page.

Bo Lorentzen's E-10 page with cool VR views of the E-10, links, samples and tips on photography.

A huge compendium of digital photography links

A huge compendium of very good photo galleries


Shopping for an E-10 or Olympus Accessories?
Updated November 20, 2000

I received my E-10 on November 1, 2000 from Norman Camera in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I love working with them because they're always the first to get the latest digital technology and they manage their advanced order and waiting lists better than anyone. They call or Email to follow-up when they say they will, share accurate information as soon as they get it and really know the photography side of the business. This is the third digital camera I've purchased from them and by no means the last.

Go to Norman Camera web page Check out Norman Camera