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  Using the Canon Off-Camera Shoe Cord with the Stroboframe Quick Flip and Olympus FL-40 Flash

Updated February 4, 2001

If Olympus has a hot shoe extension cord for the C2500L and E-10, I sure haven't seen it yet. For my first implementation of the Stroboframe bracket I had to buy the rudimentary Olympus BK-01 bracket and a cable, then cut and modify both to accommodate the FL-40.

Now there's an easier way for E-10 users to get the FL-40 flash off their cameras. Canon, being appreciably smarter about these things than Olympus, has a cable that is well suited for use on the Stroboframe. It was designed for use with the Canon D30, G1, Pro 70 and Pro 90, BUT just happens to carry all the flash control signals from the E-10 to the FL-40 too. It's the Canon Off-Camera Shoe Cord 2, Canon part number CZ6-2359, and is generally in stock as Norman Camera. It's a little strange, but the same cord is called out as a D30 accessory on the Canon Web site as part unber C50-1851. In fact, my packing slip had the C50-1851 number on it, and the box was marked CZ6-2359. Either way, it's the same cord.

The flash end mounts to the bracket with a 1/4 X 20 screw. The camera end has a thumb wheel to lock the cord into the hot shoe. The only small drawback is that the camera end connector housing is just a tiny bit long in front and interferes with the pop up flash in the last 1/16" of travel. If you don't use the pop up flash much (as in my case) this isn't a problem. But if you do like to use both, it only takes a few minutes with a file to reshape the connector housing of the cord.


This arrangement will set the center of the flash exactly 12" above the center of the lens.

I placed a tie wrap around the cord and frame, just above the grip. Keeps the cord out of the way in both vertical and horizontal modes.


The pivot screw has a way of loosening up after time, but it only takes 10 seconds to readjust it - if you have the Allen wrench. That's why I keep a 1/8" Allen wrench tucked into the grip of the Quick Flip. I don't need it often, but when I do, it's there.


Here you can see that the pop up flash just almost clears the cord connector. Remove just a bit of plastic from the connector housing and you're all set.

I have sample shots with the FL-40 on the Stroboframe Quick Flip on the page with my original set-up. There is no difference in the lighting qualities, just the ease of construction.